La Meccanica
di Precisione

Precision machining for the electronics industry: threaded inserts, waveguides and small.

Registered office, factory and offices:
Via di Salone, 106
00131 Settecamini - Roma

Tel: 06.41 92 260
Fax: 06.87 45 02 96

P.IVA 0 132 319 1005
C.F. 0 489 680 0580



Are now more than 30 years that our family has worked in the production of mechanical assemblies and special loose.
We do it always with enthusiasm and desire to grow and improve.

It 'also why we have managed over time to build lasting relationships and mutual respect and trust with our customers. We will try to satisfy all your needs offering maximum efficiency and availability.

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Cavalletti Family

Our new web site

The mechanical precision launches new website. Easier to see, the new site offers a pleasant and cheerful.