La Meccanica
di Precisione

Precision machining for the electronics industry: threaded inserts, waveguides and small.

Registered office, factory and offices:
Via di Salone, 106
00131 Settecamini - Roma

Tel: 06.41 92 260
Fax: 06.87 45 02 96

P.IVA 0 132 319 1005
C.F. 0 489 680 0580



The Fleet

La Meccanica di Precisione srl , thanks to his experience in the mechanical precision workmanships, provides excellent results to the client for any of the equipment worked and for any particular run.
In addition to performing all the most common, such as bushings, nuts, spacers, threaded inserts, screws and small parts of any particular achieves even more complex details turned thanks to the technology of numerical control lathes.

CNC machines

  • Centro di Lavoro CNC HAAS “VF 3DHE” ISO 40 1016x508x635mm (FOTO 1)
  • Centro di Lavoro CNC Mikron "VCE500" ISO 40 500x400x500
  • CNC lathes a fantina mobile TSUGAMI MORI “BS 18” 6 assi + 2 assi “C” (FOTO 2)
  • CNC lathes a fantina mobile TSUGAMI MORI “BN 20” 6 assi + 2 assi “C” (FOTO 3)
  • CNC lathes PADOVANI “Labor 155/F” Passaggio Barra Ø40mm
  • CNC lathes AVM Angelini “JOLLY” Passaggio Barra Ø30mm
  • CNC lathes ACE “JOBBER” Passaggio Barra Ø30mm (FOTO 4)
  • Tornio da Ripresa CNC HAAS “OL-1HE” Passaggio Barra Ø25mm (FOTO 5)
  • CNC lathes ACE “LT 2 XL” Passaggio Barra Ø70mm ØMAX tornibile 220mm (FOTO 6)
  • Punzonatrice CNC AMADA “PEGA” 1000x1000mm 24 stazioni


  • Piegatrice SCHIAVI 2000mm 35ton
  • Taglierina COLGAR
  • Sabbiatrice CM
  • Tornio Parallelo URSUS
  • Fresatrice LILIAN